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We are an experienced team that takes a responsible approach to our work, for whom the most important thing is a high-quality result that meets the client's expectations. We work every day to ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers as much as possible, and we implement both large-scale and small-scale projects carefully and down to the last detail.

Our team are specialists who value trust or customer loyalty the most, so we make every effort to make you come back to us again and again. Our company can offer a wide range of metal products. We provide both wholesale and retail services, so there are no unfeasible projects or orders that are too small for us. High quality metal furniture, different types of racks, different workbenches and many other products we offer so that comfort and aesthetics accompany you at every step.

We have been working for more than 10 years, during which we have successfully implemented many projects and found the most suitable solutions. This can only be achieved by listening to the customer's needs and wishes every time and by setting the highest standards for ourselves. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to help you find the most suitable solution. Contacs Us and together we will implement a project that optimally meets your needs.

The products we offer are of high quality metal products, which are widely applicable in many areas, suitable for use both in households and in commercial, production or storage facilities. For each project, metal products are selected and combined, which best match its specifics, the client's expectations and the characteristics of the premises. We can take care of extremely large orders, combine products into integrated systems, offer filling elements for convenient storage, but we can also provide an optimal offer for individual orders. You will always find a wide range of products at our shop.



Sturdy and functional workbenches can be used in the garage, workshop or anywhere else where you need to set up a comfortable and suitable workplace. The workbenches are stable, depending on the model there is enough space to put the most necessary tools or devices, so the work goes smoothly and quickly. Mobile workstations is an alternative when the workplace needs to be moved or is not used all the time, then this solution provides an opportunity to efficiently use the space in the premises.

Metal cabinets

Metal cabinets are usually chosen for wardrobes or dressing roomsIt is an easy-to-maintain, simple-to-clean and easy-to-disinfect option, so you can always ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the premises. Metal cabinets are quite resistant to the effects of the environment,they do not absorb dirt, they are not affected by moisture, so this option is widely used both in workplaces and educational institutions,entertainment and wellness centers or elsewhere.

Office cabinets

For safe and convenient storage of company documents, we always recommend to our customers to choose office cabinets. Depending on the specific solution, the cabinets are spacious, they can conveniently sort documents, store them individually, in binders or boxes. Metal cabinets are lockable, so all company information remains confidential, and due to the aesthetic design, these products can be placed in any office space. For the convenience of our customers, we aim to offer the widest possible selection of products, so you can find not only metal furniture, but also their accessories, fillers or other accessories for changing rooms or used in workplaces.


Racks are a universal solution for storing things, which can be used in warehouses, garages, production facilities and other purposes. Warehouse racks are a functional choice for situations where you have a large quantity of infrequently used or seasonal items, such as tires. They can be installed in garages, basements or storage rooms. Industrial racks and pallet racks are irreplaceable when you need durable, robust storage solutions, a place to store complete goods, their stock or other large-scale items.


470,001.020,00 be PVM
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Cabinets for tools and small items

Įrankių spintelė 1000х730х1020

930,00 be PVM

Cabinets for tools and small items

Įrankių spinta su 3 stalčiais ir 3 lentynomis

770,00 be PVM

Cabinets for tools and small items

Įrankių spinta žaliuzinėmis durimis 8 stalčių

1.100,00 be PVM
850,00 be PVM
374,00544,00 be PVM
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
408,00578,00 be PVM
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
325,00395,00 be PVM
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Our clients

Our customers are those who appreciate quality and a responsible approach to work. There are no projects that are too big or too small for us, because each customer's order must meet his expectations as much as possible and become a guarantor of comfort and safety. Representatives of various fields choose to cooperate with us: many employers and representatives of education and child care centers trust their wardrobes, sports, wellness and entertainment complexes choose to equip their changing rooms, various archives find convenient archiving solutions with us, functional storage systems,, different racks acquires companies providing production, logistics and other similar services, lockable office cabinet and certified safes, we can offer the most suitable ones to everyone for whom the safety of things and documents is the highest priority workbenches we are able to provide different types of workshops and meet other needs for creating a comfortable workplace or storing things. Our clients are those who want to find a reliable and long-term partner. A partner you can trust and, if necessary, turn to for new solutions or updating existing ones. We value customer friendship and cooperation with them, so every day we strive to listen to your needs down to the last detail, share our experience and ideas. Our customers are those who are willing to work together to find the best and most efficient solutions for their needs at flexible prices.

Why us?

Choose our company – it means choosing professionals who value their work responsibly. We are ready to listen to the wishes of each client and cooperate in order to find optimal solutions together, so choosing our company means choosing:

  • Experience. We have been working for more than a decade, during which we had to implement many different projects - from standard to extremely complex, so we will definitely know what to offer you.
  • Responsibility. One of our greatest values is a responsible approach to work, which we strive for at every step. We carefully implement projects so that they meet your needs as much as possible.
  • Flexibility. We are engaged in both wholesale and retail trade metal furniture and other products, so you can flexibly choose the most suitable solutions without any obligations to order solutions of a certain volume. We value each client and their needs.
  • Special attention. Each of our customers is the most important to us, so we make every effort and pay attention to make sure that the options we offer are suitable and pleasing. We do not seek to offer our products, we seek to offer solutions that guarantee your comfort.

Prices of metal products

The prices of the metal products we offer depend on the specific products selected, the scope of the project, its features, and additional components. We offer all metal furniture, racks, workbenches and other goods both wholesale and retail, because the needs of each customer are important and significant to us. The prices of metal products for each project and larger orders are adjusted individually, therefore, taking into account your needs and the subtleties of the order, we will offer an optimal solution and flexible payment terms.

If you have any questions, need advice, want to order or learn more about the products we offer - contact us with the indicated contacts and our specialists will answer all your questions in detail.

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